Monday, July 18, 2011

You don't have to be who you were.

From an article entitled "Reconceptualizing Personality: Producing Individuality by Defining the Personal Self," by John C. Turner and lots of other people:
"Personal identity is not a fixed product of past socialization, learning or maturation but a contemporary product of social, societal and psychological forces. It depends inter alia on current group identities, social contexts and the goals, motives, expectations, beliefs and knowledge which are shaped by social influence and social ideologies. An individual's past experience, individual and social, may certainly affect how he or she reacts to and cognizes the contemporary social world, but present social realities, norms, values and ideologies, and reference group memberships are decisive for producing personal identity. Personal change is made possible by social change which impinges on the factors influencing the creation of personal identities."
 Be who you want to be. Who it feels best to be right now. Who you were doesn't matter nearly as much as who you can be right here and now. 

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