Sunday, July 3, 2011

2nd 30 Day Letter Challenge--Day 15: Letter to the Last Person who Surprised You

Anyone who's been paying attention knows this letter is going to be to Erykah Badu.

Miss Badu [I don't feel worthy of addressing you as Erykah],

If Baduzium is a state of being similar to nirvana, I think I encountered it last night. I didn't care that I was tired or that my feet hurt or that I wanted a drink but they cost more than WHOLE BOTTLES OF ALCOHOL I have purchased...I would have stood there listening to you in awe for hours. All night if you'd wanted to keep singing for me. You made me feel like a living girl. If I can get my soul to radiate half as brightly or a strongly as yours, my life will be phenomenal. I was expecting to have a good time...I wasn't expecting to feel enlightened. I was expecting fun, I wasn't expecting joy or an overwhelmingly intense peace. To put it simply, I wasn't expecting you. 

You kept thanking the audience, but I want to thank you. And you have my word I will see you again. 


PS I give a small badly-recorded piece of my experience with you to the world to enjoy:

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