Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So uhhh...I don't usually do this...but...

so many things have gone RIGHT in my life today that I feel the need to share my awesome mood with the world at large.
  1. I remembered to close my blind before I went to sleep last night so the sun didn't wake me up before 8 like has happened every day for the last week or so. And when I woke up at the wonderful time of 9:30ish, guess who WASN'T on my mind? Instead, on my mind was the fact that I had a one-o-clock meeting with my independent study professor and wanted to be prepared. That's right, I was my top priority again.
  2. I sat down at my desk to think about what I was going to say at said meeting, and began flipping back through my notes to realize I'd made some pretty interesting notes and picked up on some pretty fascinating things and actually had questions I wanted to ask and things I wanted to brainstorm about! It was like I'd secretly done work without realizing! And then I went to my meeting and the professor I'm working with ATE IT UP. She was all, wowwww, yessss! interesting! and loves the direction I'm going in and thinks I come up with the right kinds of questions and just generally seemed impressed. And here I was thinking I was going to have to be all apologetic and shameful for being behind! Our meeting went phenomenally and left me feeling really empowered about my independent work.
  3. After my meeting I went to CVS. I really just needed conditioner, and some plastic cups for a party I'm throwing for E's birthday on Friday. But, because I am a good shopper, no matter how little I plan to spend, I always scan my extracare card on the machine thing to see what coupons it will spit at me. And I hit the COUPON JACKPOT today! $3 extrabucks, $3 off a purchase of $15 or more, $2 off any Pantene product, $4 off any Revlon mascara, and some others that were less relevant to my life. But I needed conditioner anyway and I could always use more mascara and then I decided that I would treat myself to a fancy Pantene de-frizzing stuff called "Smoothing Balm" because it was on sale and I had a coupon, bought my normal Tresemme conditioner, and discovered that Honey Nut Cheerios (my second-favorite cereal) were on sale 3 full-size boxes for $10 so got three of them too! Grand total? $20.64. SO. MUCH. WINNING.
  4. Then! I decided to take myself to Panera for lunch because I'd just saved so much money (and I got paid today anyway), and on the way from CVS to Panera I ran into my friend KG! (K pointed out to me a while ago that there are too many people in my life whose first name begins with K, so now I'm calling all the others by two initials.) I hadn't seen her in about a month and a half, and it turns out she was on her way to Panera too! So we had lunch together and caught up and people-watched and read, then we made our way to the student center for
  5. FREE ICE CREAM! Which was delicious. And free. And we met some friends of a girl I work at the library with, and one of them complimented me on my headband, again making me feel like my quest for awesome hair styles and accessories is going wonderfully. (Yesterday I got complimented on both my hair and my flower by a transitioning high school girl at the student center.)
  6. One of my best friends from middle school is coming to visit next weekend! We had an impromptu Facebook-chat conversation today which led to realizing that we weren't that far away from each other this summer and our trio was all free next weekend = REUNION. New Brunswick isn't ready.
Why can't every day be awesome like this? Life is so good. 

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