Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things that make me feel like I am not actually a member of my generation:

The last Harry Potter movie premieres tomorrow at midnight, evidently. Facebook is all atwitter (can one still use that word without referring to Twitter itself, which I'm sure is also abuzz--gah, Google Buzz!) with statuses counting the very hours til the premiere, and I'm flashing back to photos that were uploaded of some close friends of mine fully decked out in costume for the last premiere. Though I still recall being absolutely undone by anguish when one of the books arrived at my house (because I pre-ordered it on Amazon) while I was on vacation, incidentally visiting the same awesome friend who is coming to visit me and T this weekend, I can't say I was more of a fan of this series than any other. In fact, I waited a while to read the last book, and read it leisurely instead of devouring it because by the time I was in high school, there were more important things than wizards and wands and the never-ending battle of good versus evil--I had just already devoted so much time and emotional energy to these characters that I had to find out what happened.  
What I'm trying to say is, despite having read all 7 of the books growing up, I couldn't possibly give less of a shit about this movie, and will never watch it of my own volition. In fact, I have only ever seen 1.75 Harry Potter movies: as a child, I walked out of the theater when they did not include Hermione's potions scene as one of the tests to fight Voldemort near the end of the first movie, and I saw the third one on DVD because my aunt put it on after Thanksgiving dinner when the family went to Georgia for Thanksgiving my freshman year of high school and there was nothing else to do. It wasn't inherently bad in any way, if anything else was similarly omitted, I had either since forgotten the plot to the point that I didn't notice, or simply no longer particularly cared. The chapter of my life when I appreciated lived for magic and castles and mythical creatures and a way out of my under-the-staircase life has long since closed. The circumstances of my life that made books like Harry Potter and every other tween-aged fantasy series appeal to me are not circumstances I like to revisit. What exactly is this movie supposed to do for me? What is it doing for bazillions of people like me?

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