Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2nd 30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 20--Letter to your Cell Phone

Dear Cell Phone,

Sometimes it shocks me to remember that I was alive during a time when your predecessors didn't exist yet...or at least not for the general public. I remember wanting to contact my mom when I was a little kid, but she had left the house and there was NO TELLING WHEN I WOULD BE ABLE TO REACH HER. I was a very easily-worried child, and I remember that I would start like, having small panic attacks because she said she'd be home by 9 and it was 9:17 and WHAT IF SHE WAS LAYING IN A DITCH ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD SOMEWHERE?!?!
And then devices like you were born. I earned my first one, not by beating out R for the number one spot in our high school class like my mother wanted me to, but by scaring my whole family to death by getting trapped in an elevator in Maryland alone while trying to meet my sister. But anyway, this letter is supposed to be to you specifically, not just your ancestors and extended family members. 
You are a blue Panetch Impact. Our relationship started in mid-March, as I finally stepped into the 21st century and upgraded to a phone with a keyboard and some touchscreen features. My old one didn't flip, slide, or even have a camera. (I do have to admit, though, it held more than 10x as many text messages as you can. I miss that.) Generally, though it took me a little while to get used to you, I really like you and I'm glad we started this. You do what I ask of you with no complaints and sometimes even surprise me by taking really good pictures. Your calendar lets me be as detailed as my life demands. No data plan = I haven't really explored all your features ( still pays for you, you know), but I still feel sleek and modern and cool with you. I'm not embarrassed when it's time to exchange numbers and I pull you out of my pocket.
My friends used to chastise me because I was prone to leaving my phone places for hours and not checking it, but that changed towards the end of my relationship with my ex-phone, because I didn't want to miss any of a certain someone's text messages. Though that's over, I think I'm holding onto the idea of never having you out of arm's reach, which is probably a good thing. At least without the capability to use the internet on you, I will not become one of those smart-phone-addicts. You're smart enough for me. ;) Although I am wondering if you'll hold more texts if I get you a MicroSD card...hmm...

Anyway, I hope we'll be together a good long while (but I got insurance on you just in case),


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  1. I have a microSD card in my phone (different from yours, but I don't know) and it doesn't let me save my texts to it even though i have like 95% of it free with thousands of pictures. Good luck though!!