Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's sad when you lose things you've come to take for granted

RIP Amazon Prime Membership

Having you in my life was lovely, and you will be sorely missed. Amazon did a wonderful thing to recognize the struggles of a college student's limited-real-world-shopping-opportunities experience and gave a free prime membership to anyone with a .edu email address, and the site and I became much closer friends once I could magically get things in two days with free shipping. Even my mom took advantage of you. And now I log back in today to recontemplate whether I'm going to buy Jill Scott's album or just pirate it (arrrrrgh!) and I am saddened to no longer see evidence of you on the site, brightening my Amazon experience. I almost wonder whether it's worth it to buy a real Prime membership like a grown-up. *crosses fingers in the hopes that Amazon will love students again real soon*  


  1. Jill Scott? Is that the lady I told you about?

  2. has a new thing that you might like. there was a commercial about it, so i dont know the specifics, but it could be something like what you had with amazon