Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some things don't change

Like the fact that this is good advice:
 I wasn't being calm about love for entirely different reasons when I ordered this about two and a a half weeks ago. [insert sordid details of what went down here] When it came in the mail last week, part of me wanted to chuck it right into the recycling bin at the student center and keep it moving. But something stopped me, and ever since then it's been sitting on the far corner of the desk in my room taunting me to figure out why I kept it [besides the fact that I spent $8 on it]. And today it kind of hit me: when I bought this, I saw it as a way to remind myself that I was going to get through Situation A and everything was going to be okay. There's no reason the same reminder can't be applied to the current Situation B or future Situations C-Z and beyond. Since I live according to the inalienable rights of love, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness and nappyness, this is solid life advice. A brave little footsoldier, my heart can never go into hiding. I care too much about everything, okay...but that's me and I don't really want to change it, even if it hurts. It's my philosophy that transience is no reason not to enjoy something--to the contrary, it's more of a reason to give yourself entirely to things, because you may not always have the luxury. So I will keep using the l-word liberally, with an understanding of its many varied levels, and continue to live with my heart wide open. Above everything else, everything that happened here showed me how dangerous it is to not actually be open about my feelings in real-time. So cheers to love and carrying on with it.  

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