Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shit just got real.

My mom called me last night to say

"Mayaaaaa, guess what I just got in the mail from Princeton Universityyyyyyy???"

Any guesses? Anyone? Financial aid has been doled out already and that info comes directly to me, not to her, so I didn't have any guesses either.

It turns out it was a postcard. I'm imagining it featured a lovely picture of Nassau Hall, because on the back was all sorts of important information and dates concerning my imminent graduation. It detailed the whole process: Baccalaureate, Senior Prom, Class Day, Commencement, how many tickets I get for each of these things, etc. Like I need to stop playing around like it's not coming up, because it is evidently already time to make plans. Like damn, I actually am a senior. *lets that word ring out for a moment* Towards the end of last school year, I told my mom and the then-boyfriend that there were certain words that were off limits and not allowed to be spoken of to/around me: the s-word (senior), the t-word (thesis), and the g-word (graduation). I suppose it's time to face the music now, though. Or...I could just keep
According to Wikipedia, ostriches don't actually do this. That saddens me, though it's probably good for the species, haha.

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