Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'ma hafta revisit bantu knots

I tried them without much success way back when I first went natural, and have eschewed them ever since, but LOOK AT THIS WOMAN'S CURLS. LOOK AT THEM. And that knot-out tied back with the little bow? TO DIE FOR. 

Images are of Chelsea from her blog, Curly and Young.

Bantu knots. I'm sure some of y'all were looking at me like "Whatchu talkin bout, Willis??"
(I wouldn't actually go out somewhere looking like this. This would most likely be an overnight thing, or  one of those thesis days when I'm not leaving my room.)
Post-knot curls. I think If I combed my hair before putting the knots in, I might be able to achieve similar results. It's always a gamble trying to curl already-curly hair, though.

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