Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is my 1000th post.

And I've been sitting on it for a couple of days now because I'm just not quite sure how to approach it. I just did the this-is-why-I-started-this-blog this-is-why-I-kept-going thing like a week and a half ago, so that can't be the focus of this post. I just talked about how blogging may or may not be affecting me IRL a few days ago. (I should plan ahead better.) But now there are other subjects I'd like to discuss, which means this post has to get done.

When I click the little publish button, the number of posts on my blog will move from three to four digits, and this is significant. This means I have put in WORK in this space. I'm still putting in work. As the great Lauryn Hill says in one of the interludes on Unplugged, "Anything that's not growing is dead, so we'd better be changing." 

I'm Such an Afroholic has certainly been through a lot of changes, the biggest of all probably being the name (for those who are just joining us, once upon a time I'm Such an Afroholic was AfrodisiAccordingtoMe). Sometimes I look back through the archives and hear the voices of Mayas past and chuckle at all the things that turned them into me. But more often I think about the future, and where I want to go with this space. And there are things I'm just not happy with. 

I don't like the way my blog is organized. (*gasp* That's a terrible thing for a blogger to admit, right? Too bad. I say shit.) I imagine right now that it might be a little jarring when I switch from talking about some egregious act of racism/sexism/homophobia to talking about sex/sexuality to waxing philosophical about life/love/relationships/whatever to talking about varied minutiae of my daily life from post to post to post. I recognize that that probably doesn't work so well, especially for new people who just stumble across the page, rather than like, friends/acquaintances who know me well enough to bear with me.

I want to...do something about that. I often contemplate doing a big major change and switching to a different host, probably WordPress, which would allow me to have different pages for different topics. But I actually very strongly dislike WordPress, Tumblr, and the like, because of the exclusivity of their sites--I hate that I have to have a WordPress account to like or comment on most people's WordPress blogs, or that I can't officially reblog something from a Tumblr without also having a Tumblr. THAT'S NOT HOW THE INTERNET IS SUPPOSED TO WORK--IT WAS MADE FOR FREE INTERACTION AND SHARING. Gosh. So ideologically, I'm against making that kind of a switch, but practically I think it would be really cool to have a different page for, say, "My Awesome/Awkward Life", "Afrodisiacs (#sexytime)", "Politics and -Isms", "Style Crushes", "Hair-Raising", "Afro-musicality" and "Afro-Intellectualism" or things to that effect. 

But I'm pretty sure that there would be things that wouldn't fit into any of those nice categorical boxes, and then what would I do with those? So then I contemplate whether I should just re-do the tagging system on the blog as it stands, so that the tag cloud wouldn't contain basically every specific topic I've ever talked about, but be more like a way to organize things into large amorphous schools of thought/talk for y'all to peruse. I realize that it's kind of absolutely purposeless as it stands, but Idk if changing it into big headings rather than individual topics would make it any more purposeful. What do y'all think? Do you like the sound of option A (host-switch) or option B (tag re-doing) better?

And this brings me to the biggest change I want to see happen on this blog. I want more interaction! I would love to become the kind of blog that has lots of comments and/or reader questions, etc. When I'm talking about what I think about some worldly event or random topic, I'd love to know what you all think too. I also want more followers, but that's less important to me than developing an interactive relationship with the ones I already have. I'm sure there are concrete steps towards getting these things, which may or may not be related to options A and B. But so despite the fact that when an acquaintance asks me, "Oh you have a blog?" I still get a little nervous about sharing the link (and possibly fundamentally altering the way that person sees me), I want to work on continuing to put I'm Such an Afroholic out there.

Here's to a thousand more!


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