Sunday, April 15, 2012


Me: *signing up to give blood at the Red Cross blood drive on Friday*
ChoosingPancakes: Where'd you get an email for a blood drive?
Me: On MatheyMail. Do you want me to forward it to you?
ChoosingPancakes: Sure! ...Oh wait, it wasn't a time thing, it was a China thing when I couldn't donate last time.
Me: Oh, shit, I might not be able to donate either. *goes to look at the list of African countries that you can't have had sexual contact with anyone from since 1977* Ah, [country redacted]'s not on the Red Cross's blacklist. And neither is [other country]. *pause* Blacklist. heh!
ChoosingPancakes and I: *burst into hysterical laughter*

Yay sex and saving lives can exist simultaneously! 

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