Friday, April 27, 2012

My little sister turned 18 yesterday.

And I feel ancient. One of the weird things about going to college, or leaving home in general, I guess, is how while you're off growing and changing, it's really easy to forget that everyone you left back home is growing and changing too. When I started my freshman year, my brother and sister were 13 and 14, respectively. They were practically still little kids in my head: W was in 8th grade and A's first day of high school was about a week before I moved in. But now A's high school graduation is two days after my graduation from Princeton, and they're 17 and 18 as of a few hours ago. 

Is it weird that knowing that I can remember all 18 years of A's life makes me feel older than simply being 22? Is it weird that her graduating high school almost feels weirder than me graduating college? I'm not ready for me to be an adult--how can she be one?

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