Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ice-T is making a documentary about rap

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

It actually looks kind of dope, though. #thingsyallmightnotknowaboutme: I went through a very intense rap phase, and Eminem is most likely still the artist whose music I have the most of. There is no part of me that won't call Weezy a poetic genius, even when I hate what he's talking about. There is some part of me that just feels at home when Jay and Em team up for Renegade, or whenever I hear anything by Pac or Biggie. 

And on top of all of that, I love it when pop culture becomes a subject of critical study, especially when it includes the perspectives of the people producing the culture. I'm also particularly interested in how subcultures become dominant (or at least dominating) cultures, and when/how appropriation is involved in that process.

...So I might have to see this.

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