Friday, April 13, 2012

Basically, #storyofmylife [updated]

Especially built-in bras and anything that has to cross my body (including seat belts, ugh). I can proudly say that I've never turned down a motorboating proposition, though ;)


So the original picture I uploaded was from the metapicture, but evidently the metapicture doesn't give the actual artist any credit, and it turns out she has a whole website full of awesome comics about the never-talked-about struggles of being a busty woman. So I'm going to make my own photoset with links to her site! This has the added bonus of being things that I actually personally identify with, so y'all can know my struggle.

All images below are by Rampaige. Check BustyGirlComics out here:  

This one takes the mothafuckin cake. Finding an appropriate work wardrobe becomes increasingly difficult when things that button up make you legitimately afraid.

Oh my god I hate seatbelts. Especially in the back seat, because they're not really made for adult-sized people to begin with.

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