Saturday, April 14, 2012

Excerpts from post-coital conversation last night

Him: That was amazing...
Me: Why'd you make me wait so long to do this again? I tried to get you to come over last week, and you were all, 'This week has been crazy...'
Him: Oh, that's what you were trying to do? Next time, say, '[name redacted], Come over. Come have sex with me.' I'm not an idiot..."
Me: *laughs* Okay, next time I'll be blunt. 
Him: But I feel kind of weird about it, too. You're a good friend of mine. 
Me, in my head: Under no circumstances would I have called us that, but continue...
Him, uninterrupted: It's like you having sex with [name redacted]
Me: Ew, why did you have to bring him up?
Him: or me having sex with [name redacted].
Me: *laughs hysterically at the idea that this could ever happen*
Him: See what I mean?
Me: *turns to face him, puts serious face on* No. This is what I see. I like having sex. I really like having sex with you. I see no problems.
Him: *pauses for a moment* I like thinking about it like that. I'm being stupid...


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