Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I Want: Yellow Pants

Reblogged from Pretty is something you're born with.


  1. i love the colour yellow and wouldn't mind more clothing items but i have a dream for an all monochrome wardrobe! lol (boring and overdone to death, i know but i like the sleekness of uniformity somehow) think you'll look smashing in some mustard yellow pants though ;) personally i could never rock skinnies so i'd go with something pin-stripey and slightly flared at the bottom. what kind of cut's your favourite? (: (:

  2. Wow, monochronism is...intense. I couldn't do it; I love colors so much! But, I wish you luck!! :)
    I like bootcut/flares the best generally, but I once had this awesome pair of like, wide-leg jeans that I thought I looked pretty great in, so I might do that again in the near future. I'm on this continual quest to improve/grown-woman-ize my wardrobe.
    And thank youuuuu :D