Sunday, September 11, 2011

I won a BGLH giveaway!!!

*rolls out of bed*
*knows she should go get in the shower*
*decides to play around on the internets for a little while first*
*scrolls through Google Reader, seeing what's going on the way-too-many blogs she follows*
*legit does a double-take when she sees Maya Reid won this giveaway*
*thinks, 'That must be some other Maya Reid. It's not an uncommon name.'*
*hesitantly clicks on the link*
*squeals upon realizing she has actually won!* 

I'm getting a new deep conditioner! My morning is awesome! This is particularly awesome because I realized last night that I left my deep conditioner at home when I moved back to campus yesterday, and was just about to go buy some when K and I make a Walmart excursion later...but now I don't have to! Score!

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