Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yo, but actually

I have heard these things in real life, I swear. And not just from White girls, but people of various non-Black-woman race/gender combinations. "It's almost like you're not Black" is actually too close to home; I'm writing about times that has been said to me in my personal memoir on Blackness for my Comparative Literature class. Fuck other people feeling like they have some sort of authority to tell me what I'm supposed to be as a Black woman. Hell, even as a person. 

But to go along with the theme of the video, I shall reveal what I believe is the most ridiculous thing a white girl has ever said to me:
"It's like I'm a big Black woman trapped inside a skinny white girl's body!"
She later became a dear friend of mine, but saying this like the second time we'd ever met? The opposite of cool. 

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