Monday, January 30, 2012

TFA needs to hop up off my metaphorical dick.

My response to some TFA recruiter guy's FIFTH email asking me to meet and/or talk on the phone with some other TFA recruiter: 
Hello again Joseph,

My opinion regarding Teach for America hasn't changed. I greatly respect the work you guys do, and I know that a great teacher can change a student's entire life, but while I will always support teachers, I could never be one. I have not the patience, the interest, or the ability to know that my actions will have, at best, a localized effect. I just had my final interview for a position that would allow me to help conduct survey and observational research for the US Department of Education; I am all for the cause, just through a radically different means. I am flattered by your additional outreach, but remain uninterested in joining my friends in TFA's corps.


Translation: see post title.

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