Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the flesh

This one's from the random things that piss me off files:

"Nude" or "flesh" colored clothing. Also sometimes referred to as "Body Beige," at least by Maidenform bras. 

*takes a deep breath*

I have a radical concept for you, people who design such clothing. Are you sitting down? I think you should be sitting down, because this shit is really. fucking. out there. Okay, are you ready? 


That "nude/flesh" color doesn't actually even match the skin of the model its on, so how do you possibly have the audacity to claim it's the color of the flesh of every human being walking this green earth? WHERE DO IDIOTS COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS?! DO NO PEOPLE OF COLOR WORK FOR YOU, OR DO THEY JUST HAVE NO SAY IN ANYTHING?!? 

What in the FUCK, may I kindly ask you, is wrong with just calling the various shades of this color "beige" or "tan"? Or if you get some kind of a kick out of the tiny bit of kink involved in linking these shades with actual human bodies, why not have Nude #1, Nude #2, and Nude #3 in various shades that might vaguely correspond to the bodies of people of color? Why not also have Body Brown? 

Oh, hmm, maybe because that would be recognizing people of color as empowered consumers who'd like to see their needs met. Or recognizing that we exist at all. Because if you're claiming that those shades are the end all be all of nudes, fleshes, and bodies, you've effectively erased not only our voices, but our physical selves.

This post was inspired by this lovely image, which I've reblogged from  el odio por amor


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