Sunday, December 2, 2012

One of my favorite moments in a friendship

is when we learn that we're both hug people, or both kind of touchy-feely with our friends in general. This can take a little while to occur. It is always better to err on the side of not touching people, because consent and body issues must always be respected. As such, this moment might not happen the first few times you hang out. You might need an excuse the first time, like taking a picture together--suddenly arms are around waists and this barrier is broken. Later, when you tease him and he pouts, you feel emboldened enough that you can hug him to cheer him up again. You're not sure what to expect, because it's your first hug, and many people are tentative about first hugs. But as his arms slide firmly around your back and you snuggle in close, cheek to cheek, you let out a small sigh of comfort. He is a hugger. You step out of your hug and he says, "You give really good hugs." "So do you," you reply. You take every opportunity throughout the rest of the night to repeat this full-bodied hug, and take to standing with your arms around one another's shoulders. It is a wonderful night. 

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