Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So it's no secret 'round these parts that I'm pretty pro-porn

I identify with a lot of this:

The first time I read porn on the Internet I was eleven; by the time I was thirteen I was writing porn, which was one of my major hobbies throughout high school . What horrific damage did it wreak on my sexual life?
Self-acceptance. The vocabulary to conceptualize myself as queer, a sadist, a submissive, rather than just knowing that something was weird about my sexuality. Greater familiarity with sexual anatomy and how to safely and pleasurably perform several sex acts. An appreciation for the diversity of human sexuality: some people were trans or poly or whatever, and that was cool. A better understanding than most people of how consent worked and the difference between fantasy and reality. Orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.
I’m not saying that it was perfect, but porn gave me a hell of a better sex education than school did.
--Ozyfrantz, of The Good Men Project

For me personally, I will say that reading porn especially helped. True life: I like, researched blowjobs when I was preparing to give one for the first time. Scoured the internet for the best descriptions in various erotica I could find. Porn reminds me that I'm not weird for liking what I like. Anatomy lessons were way better than the diagrams we got in class. There's tons of crappy porn that is bad for both the women involved and the public perception of women--I'm not denying that. But porn does some good in these streets too. 

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