Friday, March 16, 2012

"Taking a Break"

My so-called Spring Break has begun. If you're anticipating wild stories of myself being scantily clad in a warm climate and hooking up with all sorts of men and women, I'm sorry to tell you that that kind of Spring Break exists only in my dreams. In real life, my "break" will always appear in quotation marks because it's a joke. I don't have a "break," I have a thesis. It's due in exactly four weeks, minus about 3 hours and 25 minutes. And I have a full draft of it due in 10 days. 

So I'm sorry to have to do this to y'all, but I need to concentrate on this other thing right now. It will be hard to stay away, and I might have to be like the frowsy dude who still tries to smash while y'all are "taking a break" and post sporadically (I can reward myself with a post every ten pages or so, right?), but I'm effectively taking a week and a half hiatus from the internet.

See y'all on the other side. 

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