Thursday, December 1, 2011

Queer Politics

I stumbled across someone who had reblogged this, and it caught my attention:

"I am queer. say that intentionally.I am not a lesbian. Not bi. Not straight. Not pan. Not gay. I am queer. Intentionally. I intentionally use this term although others may apply. Because being queer is political. It is fucking shit up. It is reconstructing broken elements. It is loving multiple sexes…" -- Freedom Fighter

I've said before that "queer" as a term seems too...grown for me. Too firmly set on an alternative lifestyle, as contrasted with my willingness to experiment. I wonder how a queer identity on my part would be regarded when I'm in a heterosexual relationship; would people see it as legitimate? Anyway, this makes me feel like maybe my "heteroflexibility" is a cop-out in terms of the politics of sexual orientation and identity politics generally. Yes, it's great to personally identify yourself in whatever way you want, but I would like to fit into a larger politically charged sphere of social identification. I want to help fuck shit up. So from now on, I'm going to actively try to grow into queer-dom. 

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