Friday, December 30, 2011

"I have nothing to wear."

I can understand how this statement might be viewed as a convenient excuse or a cop-out in some situations. Like, if you have your entire wardrobe at your fingertips to choose from at your convenience and are actually overwhelmed by options and really mean, "I can't figure out what to wear." Or if there is no specific dress code for whatever you've been invited/asked to go to and you could legitimately spray some Febreze on something in the laundry hamper and call it a day. Or if you have the time and extra spending money to go shopping and buy something for the occasion. In any of these cases, you legitimately have no room to be making excuses.

But if you're, say, on vacation with a finite amount of clothing, and didn't pack, say, short dresses or miniskirts or high heels because it is December and your friends have never wanted to go clubbing before and you don't own a miniskirt anyway, then when your bestie invites you to her sorority sister's birthday party at this fancy club she doesn't think you can wear jeans to and all you brought home was jeans and the party is in three days, which includes NYE and appropriate getting-over-your-hangover time, I think it's a legitimate rationale behind which to at least think about declining the invitation. 

My friend seemed to disagree, and so I ask you, friends and people of the internet: Do you think not having anything to wear is ever an acceptable reason to not go somewhere/do something?

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