Friday, November 2, 2012

It's National Blog Posting Month

And I wasn't particularly enthused by the official prompts on BlogHer--in fact, one might say I was particularly unenthused by them. But I am also disappointed in my 15-day hiatus last month, even if there were somewhat rational reasons behind it. So let's be interpretationalists and follow the spirit of the month instead of the letter of the month.

I, Maya Reid, of sound mind and body, hereby declare that I will write 5 real posts a week with words and original thoughts and ideas and social commentary throughout the entirety of the month of November. Since the month started on a Thursday, let's count a week as being Thursday--Wednesday, for the purposes of accurate record-keeping.

I'm not working from any sort of a template here, so if there's anything in particular you, lovely readers, have been dying to hear me talk about, ask away. You can comment on this post or ask anonymously via the "Whaddya Wanna Know" tab.


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