Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big girl purchases:

I made two significant purchases that make me feel like a big girl this weekend:

1) My very first piece of art. As in, you know, something three dimensional and not a poster that an artist spent hours of sweat and struggle and creativity on.

From this etsy shop. It's wooden, painted black and glossed over so it will shine.
It is FIERCE and I can't wait to have it on my wall!
And 2), a comforter for my bed! It cost the same amount as my prom dress (which was under $200--I wasn't one of those crazy girls with dresses that must have been diamond-encrusted for the money they cost), which I balked at at first, but then rationalized was worth something I'll use daily for 8-9 months a year for at least a few years. And it's GORGEOUS and bright and fun and funky and will complement my mauve walls wonderfully.  

With these items, my bedroom shall finally be complete!

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