Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Accomplishments of the last week:

  1. Passed the credit check for my new place all by myself, without needing my dad to cosign.
  2. Signed a 13 month lease for a bedroom in a 3br house with exposed brick, an electric fireplace, and I only share my bathroom with one twenty-something female housemate, at a way cheaper rent than I was prepared to pay. Text/email/call/DM if you'd like my new address.
  3. Took inventory of every piece of clothing I own, and organized them in various suitcases according to type. Donated mad clothes to my mom and sister (it's nice all being around the same size).
  4. Bought a nightstand, a chest of drawers, and a bookshelf from a thrift store for $56. #MayatheBargainHunter
  5. Bought plates, glasses, utensils, salad plates, and bowls from Ross and Marshall's for about $36. #MayatheBargainHunter strikes again.
  6. Bought an air mattress and sheets. (They're a temporary fix til my dad buys me my real bed, which is my graduation present from him, at which point they'll be for when people come to visit me. AND I EXPECT VISITORS, FRIENDS. <3)
  7. Found at least one quick and easy work-to-night hairstyle. It takes like two minutes and it's both wear-to-work-able and cute enough to wear in my regular life. #winning
  8. Joined a bunch of meetup groups, bookmarked all the touristy/event/festival sites, and started talking to some people on OKCupid. I want to dive into this city with open arms.

...But I still don't feel *ready*. What does being ready to start a whole new chapter of your life feel like? I feel nervous. But maybe that's as ready as I'm going to get.  

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