Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Under Construction

A week from today, I will have been writing this blog for three years. We've been through a lot of changes in this internet space, from the name change (shoutout to people who've been following me since this was called AFROdisiAccordingtoMe) to all sorts of mood shifts. Blogging has helped me get through and document two major moves, getting into and out of various relationships, writing a thesis, and coming to understand Princeton as a place of the past. Getting into the "reblog" about a year and a half ago has helped me to feel like I exist in a community of scholars, thinkers, wonderers, and change-makers. This space has grown from a platform for introspection to a platform for celebration and for feeling celebrated. I am a blogger, and that's not going to change anytime soon, but a lot of things about my particular corner of the internet are going to change.

So please bear with me as I take a week-long hiatus to get everything ready for our dramatic 3 year blogaversary unveiling. I'm Such an AFROholic will return next week with all sort of nifty new trimmings!

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