Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I realized the other day that I spend the vast majority of my waking hours in front of a computer screen. Maybe this desire is stemming from that, or perhaps from the fact that I haven't been in a body of water in over a month, or even just as part and parcel of the desire to get back in touch with myself that my readjustment birthed, but whatever the reason, I just want to get away! I would settle for any type of small disappearance from the normal routine of my life, hence why I'm trying to bug T to go to the Delaware Water Gap for a day; I'm hoping my trip to NYC on Saturday will ease some of this restlessness. I might plan a trip to visit my dad at the end of the summer as well, in a similar vein. 

But allow me to dream, for a moment, about what I would do if the possibilities were limitless. It needs five days.

I want a hammock on a white sand beach, where I can go into the water up to my neck and still see my feet. 
I want my beach scene to be complete with a good book, a floppy hat (which would fit on my hair if I pulled the wet-from-the-ocean hair back into a ponytail), and a beautifully sculpted shirtless man to bring me endless strawberry daiquiris and throw me a smile or two.
I want one day of just that: sun, ocean, sand, swaying, reading, drinking, and enjoying my eye candy. Oh, and pulling that hat down over my face for a little catnap or two. Bliss. And that night I want an island party and to flirt and dance with a gorgeous gentleman whom I just might bring back to my room to get my, uh, "groove" back.
On my second day I want to start exploring. I want a city where every building is painted in three different hues to remind me that we are supposed to color our worlds as loudly as we can.
And I want a huge street fair! They take the cake in the Things I Miss the Most about Chicago category. I want live music by a local band, preferably full of drums and in a language I barely speak (or at least with a thick accent). Jewelry and clothing and trinkets made by local artisans, beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces I couldn't find anywhere else. Things that will make me feel original.
And I want to wear this dress while I'm there:
And when I get back with my arms most likely full of presents for myself (and maybe for a couple of cool people), I want to go scuba diving.
On Day 3, exploration will continue. I will wake up bright and early before it gets too hot and hike to the nearby tropical waterfall. 
I want to meditate with that kind of view. With natural nature sounds, rather than those from a recording. And when I get back from taking a million pictures and reveling in the beauty of the natural world, I am sure I will be too exhausted to do anything but sit. So sit I the harness of a parachute to go parasailing!
Day Four will be a day of self-pampering. I have always wanted to go to a spa; I feel like it's an institution where I can feel totally and completely taken care of for a few hours. I want a mud bath while my face still has a mask from my facial. I want a sauna. I want a full-body massage by an attractive male masseuse, and I want to silently fantasize about a happy ending while he grinds his hands into my body.
Day Five will be a repeat of Day 1, and then I will be okay to go back to my regularly scheduled programming. 

...I wonder if I'm a skilled-enough meditator to visualize all of this. Can a braincation make me feel less tense?   

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  1. Man. This sounds *Awesome*!! let me know if you go o your dad's because if i have time it would be cool to come visit if that would be okay with both of you!!O: